Thursday 5-25-17

1st block – Holt
– Finished personal expression presentations
– Watched Bill Nye Videos
– turn in note books and text books

2nd block – Edwards
– 20 minute “What is Water” commencement speech video
– Work on responsibilities

3rd block – Math
– Finish the “Life After IPoly” simulation

– Blog #35
– Prepare for rehearsals next week
– Wear BLACK for pep rally tomorrow

Wednesday 5-24-17

1st block/Edwards:



  1. Feel free to take home your inquiry trees.
  2. Capstone grades should be updated, if they are not please talk to Mr. Holt.
  3. The capstone components are all worth 20% of the capstone grades.
  4. Next weeks schedule will be a little different to prepare for Senior Symposium:
    Monday: no school
    Tuesday: house all day doing 10 minute dress rehearsals of presentations
    Wednesday: house all day doing 10 minute dress rehearsals of presentation
    Thursday: Senior Symposium
    Friday: GRAD NIGHT!!
  5. If using an activity in your presentation:
    – must be directly related
    – must be speaking / explaining during the activity
  6. The dress rehearsals will be “assessed” using the symposium rubric for our benefit, that way we know what to improve on.
  7. Assessment is available under “senior stuff” on the class blog.

-Continued with work block

2nd Block/Math

– Worked on “life after iPoly” simulation project

3rd Block/Anaya 

– CNN Student News

– Health insurance lecture

– Work on marketing project, due Friday

– no stocks presentation


blog #35 – Thursday 8pm

Bill Nye video – tonight midnight to

marketing project – Friday in class

Blog #35 – Kenna

Hi guys it’s Kenna, so as we near the end of the year there are a lot of things to think about, such as the next steps we are taking towards our colleges, careers, and futures. This blog is hopefully easy and painless, it’s a simple article about things we should all be familiar with  before we start the next chapter after graduation.

You can find the article here and answer one of the following prompts:

1. What tip did you find the most useful to you and why?
2. Do you feel prepared to enter the college world and have those things as your responsibility? Why or why not?
3. What are 3 more tips you think should be added to this list? Why?

Wednesday- May 17th, 2017 (Swiatek-Day 3)



-Worked on projects

-Hidden Figures

-Poster Blurbs due Friday Midnight

–Print out poster before Monday 


-Stock Portfolio

-Advertising Project
[Just to be safe, bring all your books to turn in tomorrow] 

-For tassel part of gown, you’ll need to have taken a Young Scholars/Community College Course, as well as have turned in a copy of your final grade/transcripts from those classes